Why Social Media Marketing?

Leveraging social media for your company’s marketing is an absolute must in today’s connected world! But can it be done within your small business’s budget? At Rent a Nerd it can!

Social media is the best way to reach thousands of customers and prospects all over the world with zero advertising costs. But often, this new way of marketing can feel overwhelming and even confusing. That’s why you need a nerd! We’ll get you online in no time!

Which sites are essential for social media marketing?
Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and YouTube are just a few of the options your company has. However, you don’t have to use all of these sites, and depending on your business and industry, it may actually do more harm than good to spread your marketing across all of them. At Rent a Nerd, we’ll work with you to decide what social media sites will get you the best results.
How often do I need to be on social media to make my marketing succeed?
Social media is fast moving and operates 24 hours a day. It’s best to log on frequently and post quick bursts. While posting once or twice a week is better than not posting at all, it’s a good idea to keep your message in front of your followers throughout the week, and even thought the day. It’s important to be realistic about the time you have. If you don’t feel you have ample time to devote to your social media marketing, good news! Our nerds have the time! Let us manage your marketing full time or part time. We can put together a schedule that fits your budget and will get you results!
Is social media marketing useful for every business?
Social media marketing is one of the best and most cost effective tools to reach hundreds of thousands of people around the globe. However, if your business serves a part of the world where Internet access is limited or restricted, social media marketing may not be for you.
My business isn't done online, can I still use social media marketing?
Absolutely! Social media is a communication channel. A way to reach your customers and a way for them to communicate back to you. Social media can be very effective in driving business to your “brick and mortar” business.
How can a local business use social media marketing?
Social media can be very beneficial to your smaller, local business by helping you connect to customers in a personal way long before they even enter your store or office. It helps you build relationships, make new friends, and meet prospects. It also lets people know what your company offers, and what current promotions you’re running.
Is social media marketing expensive?
Our nerds will work with you to develop a social media marketing plan that fits into any budget. There are also lots of free social media tools out there that we can help you learn to use. The biggest cost associated with social media marketing is an investment of time. If you have the time to devote to your social media marketing, you can keep your financial costs very low. However, we know that as a small business owner, time is a valuable resource, one that you likely need more of. Our nerds can manage your entire campaign, part of it, or none of it. It’s up to you! Overall, social media is a much more cost-effective strategy than most traditional forms of advertising. Social media marketing continues to build your reputation and friendships, and it brings in leads even when you’re not actively working at them.
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